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  In 2009 Family Contact collaborated with another group of Christie Rivers Summer Campers for a series of Webisodes. (more info on those awesome campers soon)
(webisodes on youtube)

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webisode 9

Family Contact dabbles in the nocturnal mystical arts. You can never have had too much of a good thing, but this could be the last episode in our Webizodes series, for a while, in case you didn't pick up on that.

We've been working hard to explore new and exciting ideas in our next series, slated for release in September. http://livingwithfriends.com will be your the spot that you can find that at, once it's up.

Leon Hui & Hannah B. w Family Contact

VFX & Editor: Zak Tatham

Webisode 9: Conference Call
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webisode 9

The gang reunites via tech and webcam, because Efehan has stayed in LA for too much time.
Webisode 8: Pwnstars 'n Other Perfect Pranks
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webisode 8

In antianticpation of the annual famiy Contact nite-time water balloon fight.
Webisode 7: The Chillzone Pt. 2 || Hide
  webi 7
Were the two funny dudes of 157 huron learn and lean and get heavy.
Webisode 6: Celebs in Our Home
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  webisode 6"celebs in our home"

Direct to video dra-masterpiece, based on reality virtually.

Webisode 5: Seasons Greetings || Hide
Have a Solid Holiday this season, bring the heat as we sing a song.
Webisode 4 || Hide
Efehan directs a music vid, snuck this out from the set.
Webisode 3 || Hide
An upper to inform about what Family Contact is up to around typical halloween times.
Webisode 2 || Hide
Chronicling the T.O. Ghosthunting Society as we Investigate Ryerson Theatre
(said to be haunted)


  Christie Rivers 2008 Summer Camp videos by Markus Wong and Robert "V-Chip" Lanski

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Markus Wong: bio

I was Born in 1994 in Hong Kong and moved to Canada when I was 5. I have been interested in movie making since seeing the re-releases of the Star Wars films in theaters. It made me want to be a director like George Lucas. I started making films with my parents video camera with my friends and brother. Last year I attended the Christie Rivers Summer Camp and working with the councilors and campers really wanted to take my movies farther. When I’m not in school and if Aaron and Zak are free I try and make movies with them.
markus wong

Robert "V-Chip" Lanski: bio

I was born in 1995 and grew up in the beaches of Toronto until my sister was born and my mom moved to Ottawa. I started making web diaries when I was 9 on my mom's old laptop (but don't ask to see them!) and sometimes I used my dads camera. My dads a real movie buff so when I was born he was gross enough to film my birth and one time I almost watched it by accident when I was trying to find a new tape to record with. But luckily it wasn't such a disaster. When I finally saw the second half of "Signs" I knew that movie making was all I wanted to do. When I was at christie rivers day camp last year I learned everything from how to set up lights to how to make my own sound effects and make my own dvds. Sometimes I like to push my actors a little farther. I would like to thanks Aaron and Zak, best.
robert lanski

Bad Editing
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There's an old technique to editing that a lot of people don't understand and you have to look back on it's history to really feel comfortable with, but now a days u can use greenscreen to make things easy. Aaron and Zak are superb editors but sometimes even that can't keep them safe from their conscience.

"Bad Editing" Dir: Markus Wong & Bobby "V-Chip" Lanski

Rehab in a Nutshell/Watch your Step
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Some people theink they're all that, and do drugs like herowine. Then nobody likes them, and they might get sick without a friends help. This is a message to help your friend out of sticky spots.

"Rehab in a Nutshell/Watch your Step" Dir: Robert Lanski & Markus Wong


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